Uniformed Services

Uniformed Services

At CIGX Financial, we understand the unique needs of our nation’s military and private defense contractors. We work very closely with this country’s top security officials who are working in various parts of the world.

When our clients are deployed on missions, we ensure that their income is managed appropriately, and placed into strategic investments to provide for a secure future for them and their loved ones.

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Short and long term investments

We understand that some of our clients are in the job for just a year, and some make it a career. Regardless of your position in the industry, we will make sure your investment portfolio is strong, safe, and fruitful.

College investments and planning for children

Families are the main reason why you risk your life. CIGX Financial’s goal is to ensure the financial security and stability of your family. We achieve this through careful investments that better provide a worry-free future for your loved ones.

Estate Planning

No one understands the risks involved in traveling for contracts to various parts of the world like CIGX Financial. Having traveled the globe, including the Middle East, we understand the needs of the men and women who serve this country.